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  Xi’an jutong Electrical automation equipment Engineering Co.,Ltd. is a professional to provide automation control and electrical drive solutions for the main business, system integration, project implementation, OEM customer solutions and support, Siemens industrial products sales and maintenance, services for the integrated automation high-tech enterprises.

  Our main agent of industrial products are as follows:

1£¬3WL series air circuit breaker£¬3WT series air circuit breaker¡£

2£¬3VL series moulded case circuit breaker£¬3VT8 series moulded case circuit breaker£»3VT series moulded case circuit breaker new3VT£»3VT8 series DC molded case circuit breaker£»3VA Series Molded Case circuit breaker protection £»3VL series moulded case circuit breaker protection

2¡¢3KL series isolating switch fuse set£¬3NP4 fuse disconnecting switch£»

3¡¢3TF £¬3TF5;3TD;3TS;3TB;3RT5;3RT6 domestic contactor

4¡¢3RT10£¬3RT12;3RT13;3RT14;3RT15;3RT16;3RT20 AC contactor£»

5¡¢3VU13 motor protection circuit breaker£¬3VU13 fuse monitor circuit breaker£»3VU13 transformer protection circuit breaker£»3VU16 motor and line protection circuit breaker£»3VU16 starter combined circuit breaker£»3RV2 series imported circuit breaker£»3RV5 series domestic circuit breaker£»3RV6 series domestic circuit breaker£»3RV10 series imported motor protection circuit breaker£»3RV11 series imported motor protection circuit breaker£»3RV13 series imported motor protection circuit breaker£»

6¡¢3US thermal overload relay£¬3UA thermal overload relay£»3RB21 series electronic thermal relay£»3RB2 series electronic thermal relay£»3RU61 series thermal overload relay£»3RU51 series thermal overload relay

7¡¢3RS17 series transmitter£¬3RS17 series optional standard transmitter£»3RS17 series universal transmitter

8¡¢3RP20 series electronic time relay£¬3RP15 series electronic time relay£»3RN thermistor motor protection relay£»3RS series analog temperature relay£»3UL22 series zero sequence current transformer£»3UG4 series three-phase voltage monitoring relay£»3UG4 series single-phase current monitoring relay£»3UG4 series power factor and active current monitoring relay

9¡¢3RW30 series AC200-480V soft starter£¬3RW40 series soft starter£»3RW44 series soft starter

10¡¢MICROMASTER 420 series converter (no built-in filter)£¬MICROMASTER 420 series converter (with built-in class a filter)£»MICROMASTER 430 series converter (no built-in filter)£»MICROMASTER 440 series converter (no built-in filter)£»SINAMICS G120C Series Compact inverter£»SINAMICS G110 series inverter£»SINAMICS G120 series inverter

11¡¢S7-1500 new series PLC, AS410/S7-300/S7-400/S7-1200/S7-200SMART/S7-200/S7-200CN series PLC, LOGO! Logic controller¡£